In a bid to promote planned and regulated development within the state, the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning (TCP) Department is undergoing a technological transformation. This initiative, led by Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, aims to simplify the planning permission process and enhance the overall efficiency of the department.

The most noteworthy development is the creation of an auto DCR (Development Control Regulations) enabled web portal for the TCP Department. This innovative portal will revolutionize the planning permission process by allowing the automated scanning of submitted maps and generating comprehensive reports. Moreover, applicants will gain valuable insights into any Development Control Regulation (DCR) violations, providing a clear roadmap for necessary corrections. The development team is committed to the timely completion of this web portal, which will also feature standardized procedures for granting development permissions on residential plots up to 500 square meters, overseen by registered private professionals (RPP).

In a move to reduce physical interactions and streamline processes, the department will soon implement these standardized procedures on the online portal, focusing on the grant of development permission for residential plots up to 500 square meters in Planning/Special Areas and Urban Local Bodies.

Recognizing the importance of planned growth in areas adjacent to the state’s four-lane highways, the government has established a dedicated Four Lane Planning Area encompassing key national highways, including Parwanoo-Shimla, Kiratpur-Manali, Shimla-Mataur, and Pathankot-Mandi. To reinforce the adherence to planning regulations, the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act of 1977 has been extended to the North Portal of the Atal Tunnel. This extension will help curb unauthorized and unplanned development activities that may arise due to the tunnel’s operation.

Furthermore, a notable amendment has been introduced to allow the residential use of attics. This change offers a welcome relief to urban residents, allowing them to maximize the use of available space within buildings without violating regulatory restrictions.

Finally, in response to the recent damage witnessed during unprecedented monsoon rainfall, the TCP Department is preparing a proposal for the inspection of building drainage systems and structural building design. This step is aimed at preventing future damage and ensuring the safety and stability of structures in the state.