Shillai/Nahan: In a shocking incident, a newborn girl that has been allegedly abandoned by her parents after birth has been found in a pile of cow dung in the Shillai Sub Division of district Sirmour.

According to the reports, the toddler was found by a local resident in Kamiyara village in Ronhat, district Sirmaur on Tuesday morning. While he was on his way to his field, he heard the sound of a baby crying from a pile of cow dung that way lying nearby.

At first, he was confused, but when he went near the pile, he saw the newborn girl. According to him, only the face of the toddler was uncovered while rest of her body was covered in the dung.

He immediately informed the police who reached there along with a doctor and rescued the baby. The baby was then taken to Civil Hospital, Shillai for further treatment.

Station House Officer (SHO) of Shillai police station Mast Ram said that further investigation is going on. He said that police are looking for her mother who has allegedly abandoned her and it will be investigated that why she had taken such step.

“Our first priority is to save the life of the baby” he added.

This is not the first time that such horrendous incident has taken place in Sirmour district. Few years ago, an unmarried woman gave birth to a baby in the toilet of a hospital in Ronhat. After giving birth, the woman threw the baby away from the window. The baby was later rescued by the police.