Located about 50 km away from Shimla and around 29 km from Naldehra, Tatta Pani is a beautiful place situated on the bank of the river Sutlej at an altitude of 2,230 feet above sea level.

As the name suggest, Tatta Pani mean “hot water” in the local dialect. It’s named so because this place is popular for its hot water springs, which are spread across a square kilometer area in this region. These hot water springs have high sulphur content. It is believed that it has several curative powers on different skin and bodily diseases.

Not only hot water springs, there are other interesting places tourists can enjoy in Tatta Pani. Adventure seekers can enjoy river rafting in the gurgling water of Sutlej River, or simply ignite a bonfire on the riverside and enjoy perfect outdoors with family and friends.

Best time to visit Tatta Pani

The best time to visit Tatta Pani is March to June and September to November, as the temperature is quite pleasant during these months of the year.

Things to do in Tatta Pani

Some of the most popular tourist activities in Tatta Pani are listed below:

  1. Enjoy hot water springs

The hot water spring is the most popular spot to visit in Tatta Pani. As the town itself is named after “hot water” (meaning Tatta Pani in Hindi), you cannot miss out on visiting the series of suplhur springs gushing hot water out on the bank of River Sutlej.

These hot water springs are known to have medicinal values. It is believed that taking a dip in hot water spring helps cure joint pain, fatigue, and skin diseases. However, the hot water spring disappears in June and July when the water level of the river rises. The spring reappears again in November and December.

A visit to Tatta Pani is considered auspicious as pilgrims from different parts of the state come here to take a holy dip in the month of January every year.

  • River rafting at Tattapani

Tatta Pani is also a great destination for adventure enthusiasts, as the popular water sport activity – river rafting – is conducted here. If you want to experience river rafting in the white waters of Sutlej River, this is the place.

The river has the perfect water current for a thrilling rafting experience. River rafting starts at Chabba to Tatta Pani (12 km) or Sunni to Tatta Pani (5 km) in May and June.

  • Explore Adventure Park

The adventure park is another popular tourist attraction in Tatta Pani. It is a perfect spot for family picnics and enjoying some adventurous activities like Burma Bridge, Rope Bridge, Flying Fox, Commando Net, etc. 

  • Trekking and camping

This place is an entryway to various trekking trails like Dev Bedeog Peak at 6,560 feet. Climbing the steep hill for several hours leads trekkers to the top offering 360 degree view of the surrounding Himalayan peaks, making it a vantage point not to be missed. The place is perfect for setting up a camp and enjoying panoramic views the entire Suket Valley and vast Himalayan ranges.  

Shikari Devi Peak and Kamaroo Nag are other notable treks that you can think of embarking on while you are in Tatta Pani.

  • Mountain biking

Another fun activity to try in Tattapani is mountain biking. Paddling through the breezy environment and apple orchards give the utmost joy. Moreover, the chirping of birds and surrounding views further add a unique charm to the biking experience. 

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