Located at the altitude of 7,460 feet above sea level, Shimla is rightly called the Queen of the hills – as it’s surrounded by seven hills. All seven hills (or seven sisters called by writers) are an essential part of this hill town.

British rulers conquered Shimla after defeating Gurkhas in a battle, and created the beautiful hill town of Shimla. Even today, these seven hills restore the glory and charm of old Shimla.

If you find your way to this beautiful hill town draped in magnificence of Victorian era, here are 7 hills of Shimla you need to explore.

1 Inverarm Hill 

Housing the Himachal state museum, this famous hill is a popular tourist spot in Shimla. It is a peaceful place, offering a panoramic view of the hill station.

2. Prospect Hill

It is located on the western side of the main Shimla town. This hill houses the popular Kamna Devi temple, where many devotees visit for divine intervention. Situated at an altitude of 7218 feet above sea level, this hill also offers spectacular views of Shimla town and The Ridge.

3. Observatory Hill

Home to the popular Indian Institute of Advanced Study, this hill is also on the western side of Shimla towards the Summer Hill. The Institute is another major tourist attraction in Shimla. The gigantic gothic architecture used to be the residence of the British Viceroy of India.

4. Summer Hill

To the west of Shimla town, at the height of 6500 feet above sea level, Summer Hill is around 5 km away from the city centre. The hill is home to the Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) campus.

5. Elysium Hill

This hill is situated on the north-western side of Shimla. It houses the popular bird park and a historic state museum. Places like Longwood and Auckland house are situated on the hill dotted with small houses and oak forest.  

6. Bantony Hill

Ornamenting the hill station, Bantony Hill is right at the top of the Shimla town, a few hundred meter before the famous Scandal Point. Named after Lord Bantony, who had a summer residence here, this hill preserves ruins of the Bantony Castle built in British-era. The state government has plans to develop the estate as a major tourist attraction.

7. Jakhoo Hill

Situated at an altitude of 8,200 feet above sea level, this hill is the most popular of all in Shimla. There is an ancient Lord Hanuman temple, which is at a walking distance of about 2 km from the historic Mall Road, Shimla.

How to explore these seven hills?

You can book a tour through a reliable travel agency to explore all seven hills of Shimla. Generally, the tour starts with exploring the Elysium Hill and then proceeding to other hills one after another.