Shimla: The current pandemic should not be a deterrent in making couples seeking parenthood, opt for IVF treatment said Fortis Bloom IVF Centre, Fortis Hospital, Mohali Chandigarh Dr. Pooja Mehta, Senior Consultant, Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist.

Hence, it is not necessary to delay the treatment cycle or IVF consultation at this time, she added.

Explaining the impact of Corona on fertility she said, “Currently, there was limited evidence regarding the association between fertility and coronavirus. But, we do know that infections may cause high fever, which could affect fertility treatment.”

“A study has suggested that high fever during the IVF cycle or egg freezing may require a higher need for medications, a lower number of retrieved eggs, and a longer cycle. However, there’s no evidence suggesting that COVID-19 fever has an impact on fertility,” she said.

Dispelling the fears that Covid may hamper pregnancy, she explained that the risk of Covid infection in the pregnant female is the same as compared to a non-pregnant female.

“Besides, there is no sufficient evidence that suggests that pregnant women can pass infection to their babies. Also, coronavirus is not present in breast milk or amniotic fluid. Looking at these facts, it is highly unlikely that Covid can affect pregnancy,” she said.

To mitigate the spread of the virus at Fortis IVF Bloom Center complete care is being taken to lessen the number of the physical visit of patients to the hospital, she said, adding that the hospital offers telemedicine appointments for the initial or follow-up consultations to curate a treatment plan for you.

Further, to avoid transmission risk, it follows all guidelines suggested by the authorities, said Dr Pooja.

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