MLA AshaKumari slaps policeA video clip showing the Congress MLA Asha Kumari assaulting a female police constable after an argument over entry into the review meeting that was being held at that time at the Congress Headquarters situated in Shimla. However, to everyone’s surprise, she received a tight slap in return from the constable.

The MLA was condemned by people after the video clip went viral on social media. As seen in the video, the MLA first argued with the on-duty constable and then slapping her.

The MLA alleged that the constable misbehaved and pushed her aside. Later, the MLA apologized for losing her temper. The MLA had not filed any complaint against the MLA.

As per reports, the Congress-chief Rahul Gandhi was in Shimla today to assess the reasons for the defeat of the Congress in recent assembly polls. The MLA was trying to get past the police security to enter into the venue of the meeting.

The Chief Minister, who is in Delhi, said he was unaware of the incident but assured appropriate action, if required.

The incident has come as a scathing humiliation for the MLA as she was the first to assault an on-duty police official.