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Shimla: 20 wards of the total 34 of the Shimla Municipal Corporation have been reserved for women and scheduled caste. 14 wards are reserved for women, while three wards each have been reserved for scheduled caste women and scheduled caste men

Only 14 wards are unreserved. Interestingly some of the wards which were earlier reserved for women have been reserved for them again.

The number of wards was increased from 25 to 34 after inclusion of Dhalli, Kasumpti and Totu areas in the Shimla Municipal Corporation.

The High Court of Himachal Pradesh, while disposing of a matter regarding preparation of electoral rolls for the ensuing elections to Municipal Corporation, Shimla has directed that for receiving of claims and objections offices of the State Election Commission and Deputy Commissioner, Shimla would remain open on 30-04-2017 and 01-05-2017.

A spokesperson of the State Election Commission informed that any eligible person could submit his claim/objection on the above said dates in these offices, so that they can exercise their right to franchise in the ensuing elections to Municipal Corporation, Shimla.

The final publication of electoral rolls would be made public on May 4 and election schedule is likely to be announced immediately thereafter. The tenure of the Shimla Municipal Corporation is to be end on May 27.

Reservation Details of all 34 wards

Ward No -1 Bharari: Woman (General)

Ward No – 2 Ruldu Bhatta: Un-reserved

Ward No – 3 Kaithu: Un-reserved

Ward No – 4 Annadale: Woman (Schedule Caste)

Ward No – 5 Summer Hill: Woman (General)

Ward No 6 Totu: Un-reserved

Ward No 7 Majiath: Un-reserved

Ward No 8 Boileauganj: Woman (General)

Ward No 9 Kachi Ghatti: Un-reserved

Ward No 10 Tuti Kandi-Badai: Un-reserved

Ward No 11 Nabha: Woman (Schedule Caste)

Ward No 12 Phagli: Man (Schedule Caste)

Ward No 13 Krishna Nagar: Man (Schedule Caste)

Ward No 14 Ram Bazar: Un-reserved

Ward No 15 Lower Bazar: Un-reserved

Ward No – 16 Jakhoo: Woman (General)

Ward No – 17 Benmore: Woman (General)

Ward No – 18 Engine Ghar: Woman (General)

Ward No – 19 Sanjauli Chowk: Un-reserved

Ward No- 20 Upper Dhalli: Woman (General)

Ward No – 21 Lower Dhalli: Un-reserved

Ward No – 22 Shanti Vihar: Woman (General)

Ward No – 23 Bhattakufar: Woman (General)

Ward No – 24 Sangti: Woman (General)

Ward No – 25 Malyana: Un-reserved

Ward No – 26 Pantha Ghati: Un-reserved

Ward No – 27 Kasumpati: Un-reserved

Ward No – 28 Chhotta Shimla: Woman (General)

Ward No – 29 Vikas Nagar: Woman (Schedule Caste)

Ward No – 30 Kangna Dhar: Woman (General)

Ward No – 31 Pateog: Woman (General)

Ward No – 32 New Shimla: Un-reserved

Ward No – 33 Khalini: Man (Schedule Caste)

Ward No – 34 Kanlog: Woman (General)