Responding to the accusation of Congress leaders over the price rise, Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal accused them for giving wayward statements.

Former Chief Minister reminded Congress leaders that every government works in continuity and decision of linking petrol prices with the market and increasing Rs. 50 paisa on Diesel per month was taken by the previous Congress led UPA government.

BJP leader has questioned the integrity of the Congress led state government and questioned its initiatives to check the price rise in the state. He said that the state government can reduce the prices of fuel by lowering the VAT and ask Congress to pressurize its government to do so if it’s really keen to give relief to the people.

Dhumal accused Congress for ruining the economy of the country and its leaders were involved in the scams. He said the Congress had no right to blame the Modi regime for price rise. He believed that Modi led NDA government will implement people friendly policies and that will definitely give respite to the common people.