The State Government has issued notification regarding extension of services of government employees’ upto 59 years.

The spokesman of Finance Department stated that whoever opts for extension in government service after attaining 58 years of retirement age, has to fill up the option form and submit the same to Head of Office/DDO/ HoD of the concerned department keeping in view where that officer/official is working.

The Head of Office/DDO/HoD is empowered to accept the option form. Once the Head of Office/DDO/HoD has accepted the option, then the extension will be considered to have taken place. The Head of Office/DDO/HoD will not be required to obtain any prior approval from the Government for giving extension in service.

The employees of the State Government, who are due for retirement on 31st May, 2014 are also eligible for it Such employees who are retiring on 31st May and intend to get extension may apply for extension to Head of Office/DDO/HoD.