Chief Electoral Officer Narinder Chauhan revealed that as per directives of Election Commission of India, New Delhi, the telecast of films and commercial advertisements involving film actors who are contesting elections will not be restrained on TV channels or Cinema Theaters. However, telecast of such feature films (other than commercial advt. ) will not be allowed on Doordarshan during the period of the enforcement of Model Code of Conduct, considering that Doordarshan is run on public funds.

He said that as per the guidelines of Election Commission of India, any political content in the form of messages/comments/photos/videos being posted/uploaded on the ‘blogs/self account on websites/social media website will not be treated as political advertisement and therefore, would not require pre-certification. He said that even if the same is posted/uploaded by political parties/candidates, it would not fall within the meaning political advertisement and would not be subject to directions/guidelines issued by the Commission.

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