Himachal Pradesh with its five rivers, numerous streams and reservoirs has a big potential for Fish production in the state. With the huge potential for Fish production, Government of India has sanctioned Rs. 10 crore for the state for fisheries development and strengthening its infrastructure.

As per report, more than 11 thousand Fishermen are engaged in fishing activities in the State and for their development, state government has implemented several schemes for the development of this sector.

The State Government is providing risk cover to all fishermen of the state under Fishermen Risk Fund. The Government has also launched Banned Season Relief Fund Scheme to give relief to the fishermen during fishing ban period. A relief of Rs.49.08 lakh has been provided to 4090 fishermen of the state till date under the scheme.

National Fisheries Development Board, (NFDB) Hyderabad has sanctioned Rs.1.2 crore for four vital schemes to Himachal Pradesh with a view to boost state’s fish production, fishermen skill refinement and for making fish easily available in major towns of the state. These schemes includes Expansion of marketing infrastructure, Providing scientific know-how albeit fishing skill of reservoir fisher community, Chalking out a comprehensive fisheries vision document delineating varied fisheries resources and Expansion of Rainbow Trout Farming programme in the state.

Under the centrally sponsored marketing scheme, four mobile fish market vehicles would be procured and would be used for making fresh fish available in state’s major towns to customers at their doorsteps. This would not only meet the long standing demand of consumers regarding easy availability of fresh fish but would also benefit fisher community in fetching remunerative price of their produce. This will also help in saving fish stock which perishes due to absence of cold chain, especially during summer months.

The second scheme pertains to large scale training and skill refinement programme of reservoir fishermen. This would the fishermen of the state in maximizing their fish catch by educating them in recent technological developments in the field and would certainly help in improving the economic condition of fishermen.

NFBD has also provided liberal financial grant for drafting a comprehensive fisheries vision plan spelling out clear cut roadmap for doubling the state agrarian employment. It would focus on large scale rural development through aquaculture, reservoir fishing, backyard fish farming etc.

After the success of Rainbow trout farming in the state and with a view to give boost to trout production, NFDB has also sanctioned funds for the construction of 100 new trout units in private sector.

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