Thursday 25 April 2019
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Dhumal advises Virbhadra to focus on development of the State

Former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal criticized chief minister Virbhadra Singh for his statement, in which he had warned bureaucrats and government officers against meeting with Opposition leaders at rest house. He asked Singh to withdraw his statement and accused him for trying to dictate terms to the bureaucrats instead of focusing on the development of the state.

While speaking to the press during his tour to the Nahan region, where he was accompanied by former minister and Nahan MLA Rajiv Bindal, former chairman of Cooperative Bank Chander Mohan Thakur, Dhumal said that Virbhadra Singh has forgotten that he is democratically elected legislature and then Chief Minister of the state and now he is working like a King.

Leader of opposition accused Congress led government for fabricating false cases against political opponents. He also rubbished Virbhadra Singh’s statement in which he had accused former BJP government for working revengeful manner against him. Dhumal claimed that his government did not lodged fabricated cases against Virbhadra, but he himself was responsible for three cases – Sagar Katha and CD episode. Dhumal also accused chief minister for influencing the probe. However, on the query of press regarding ongoing issue of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association and his parliamentarian son involvement in the alleged scam, Prem Kumar Dhumal refused to comment on it and said that it wont be appropriate to comment since the case was sub-judice.

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