Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh today informed the state assembly that services of over 6,000 teachers appointed through parents and teachers association (PTA) in schools and colleges would be regularised systematically and will also take back all the 6,318 PTA teachers, who were removed from service for some reasons during the previous BJP regime.

The chief minister said that in the next one-and-half years, when they will complete eight years of service, they would join on contract and after that, their services would be regularised. Singh added that none of the PTA teachers would be affected by the conditions of educational classifications as per the Right to Education Act as they are qualified.

The chief minister blamed the previous BJP government for victimising the PTA teachers. However, BJP rule out any victimization of PTA appointed teachers. BJP member Jairam Thakur blamed the Congress for failing to keep its poll promise as even after Congress lead Govt had failed to deliver what they had promised the election time.