Brij Behari Lal Butail, Speaker, Himachal Pradesh Assembly and Palampur legislature, asked the Hydel Power Project authorities to provide 70 per cent employment to local Himahcali in all power projects. He also accused power projects for not following the terms and conditions of the MoU signed with the state government.

Butail said it while addressing the management of power projects being executed by private companies in the Palampur constituency. He categorically stated that the management of power projects in the state was bound to give 70 per cent employment to state residents in their projects as per law passed by the state government. They should follow the same and submit details to the government from time to time in this regard.

He also expressed concern over the cutting of hills and degradation of environment by power projects in the Palampur region. He said it was a serious matter that a number of water supply schemes were damaged and water channels disrupted during the execution of power projects. He added that residents of Palampur region had been forced to consume muddy and contaminated water because of large-scale cutting of hills and continuous landslides in the catchment of the Neugal River, which was a major source of drinking water for seven lakh residents of this region.

Congress leader said that it was the responsibility of the project management to repair the same or pay the due compensation to the departments concerned and the public should not be harassed.

Along with the representatives of various power projects, Deputy Commissioner, Kangra, C Pal Rasu and SDM, Palampur, Bhupinder Attari were also present at the meeting.