Shimla Congress leader and party spokesperson Naresh Chauhan has accused BJP for making baseless charges against the party. He said the BJP leaders were upset as their misdeeds were being exposed.

In a press communiqué, Chauhan accused BJP for patronising corruption during its regime. He said that previous Govt had promoted education mafia, cricket mafia and land mafia and thus put land of state virtually on sale. He also accused Dhumal led Govt for tapping phones, intruding into the privacy of people.

He said that the Congress government had already started investigating these issues and that why the BJP leadership was in panic and making false charges against Congress and government.

He claimed that the Congress government was stable and said the BJP leaders who were questioning its popularity and stability were living in a fool’s paradise. He advised these leaders to see the ground reality and refrain from making false charges as the people who had voted the party out of the power would not be misled by such tactics.

Chauhan lauded the performance of the Virbhadra Singh Govt and said it had already taken a number of decisions for the benefit of various sections of the society. Chauhan said that in its short time of about 100 days Congress led Govt has taken many beneficial decision in the favor of state and its people.