The Himachal Pradesh state secretariat of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has hailed the decision of the state government in withdrawing the lease extended to the controversial Yog guru Ramdev and his commercial Patanjali Yogpeeth. The Party has further asked the Congress party to learn from its mistakes as they are the one who were lifting their legs in various yog shivirs organised by Ramdev thus placating him when the party was amidst struggle against the fraud guru. The party has asked the government to ensure that proper spade work is done so that more than 98 bighas land is rested back in the name of the state, also to ensure that no law and order situation is created in the state. The party will effectively contest the frivolous propaganda unleashed by the Yogpeeth.

The CPM leader and Shimla Deputy Mayor Tikender Singh Panwar, in his press communiqué, has asked the government to constitute an inquiry into various land deals that took place during the erstwhile BJP regime. The party has been in the forefront combating these deals and the illegal handing over of such prime locations to the real estate speculators. The party has asked immediate inquiry into the following issues

1. The is an allegation that the erstwhile BJP government allotted prime land in Sirmour district to one money laundering and real speculator Carnoustie Eco Resorts Pvt Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnoustie management which is known for bribing the incumbent regime. There is a charge that the aforesaid company made heavy kickbacks to the previous government and some of the leaders of the ruling party. It is alleged that the company has violated the section 118 of the land reforms and tenancy act. The company has also flouted the pollution control norms. It is pertinent here to mention that the Carnoustie group was also involved in a reral estate scam in Delhi for its connections with Anand Kumar the younger brother of the former chief minister of UP.

2. The CPM has further asked the government to probe into the change of land use of the land surrounding the Annandale ground. The party had unearthed the link in between the Annandale campaign under the guise of save annandale and the land purchased around the green meadow. The party has asked for a vigilance inquiry into these land deals and the guilty must be booked immediately. The party has further asked the government to pay the buyers the sum they have paid for buying land surrounding Annandale which is over 30 bighas and acquire it in the interests of the state and the country. The amount should match the money paid during registration with some reasonable interest.