While the state elections in HP are approaching fast, the political parties are luring the ignorant populace to vote for their respective parties. We, some souls from the mob, who remember the past and know the present, just believe that the development and many other vows from the political parties will prove all but lies this time too.

Before I put some serious questions, let me introduce myself. I am a common man. I represent the people of Jubbal-Kotkhai as a whole. I am the part of the mob that was ridiculed time and again to finally become wiser this time and will not allow anyone to bait for us on the bases of bogus promises that will remain in the papers only. However, this isn’t something new to any one of us and has happened to us in almost every election.

Well, the most recent example, if my Jubbal-Kotkhai brothers remember, is Narinder Bragta’s personal manifesto that he released during his election campaign last time. He made big promises but shied once again to keep his words or to come up to the expectations of the people who sent him to the state assembly to protect their interests.

Not only the opposition political parties, but we, the common masses, would also like to know what about those promises made last time and we don’t wonder but know that they are only in the papers, nowhere on the ground. I just want to ask some of the very important questions from the sitting BJP MLA from Jubbal-Kotkhai and Horticulture minister, Narinder Bragta, with the hope that he will put some light on these.

• BJP leader had promised to make the area as ‘Education hub’ and it was promised by the BJP candidate that engineering and commerce colleges will be opened to enable students get professional degrees. Has that been done?

• It was promised to the people that their crops will be protected from the hails. While the anti hail guns failed to fire when their services were needed the most, what steps, if any, were carried out by the govt. to ensure that hails do the least damage to the crops.

• Industries based on the crops as well as to open the wine factory at Gumma. Anything done?

• C.A. cold stores were promised in the cold places of Kotkhai and Jubbal areas. Has anything thing been done in this regard?

• Promises were also made to provide with the international level Apple and other varieties of fruit plants will be made available. Were the varieties made available? If yes, we didn’t get any if that were ever made available.

Well, we expect some light on the above things? To all my Jubbal-Kotkhai brothers and Sisters, I will be back soon with some more important questions and raise some issues that you too would be interested to know about. If you too are interested on the issues, let me know your views in the comments!

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