Saturday 20 April 2019
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Rohit Thakur appeals Jubbal-Kotkhai voters for their support

Congress has alleged BJP time and again and the latest allegations come in Congress’s manifesto which states – especially if we take Jubbal-Kotkhai into consideration – that BJP has deceived Himachalis beyond measures in the last five years. The Congress’s appeal to Jubbal-Kotkhai voters alleges that the state government sold land and property to non-Himachalis to aggravate the agony of locals. As Congress believes it, Rohit Thakur’s candidature is a ray of hope to the region. If he wins, Rohit will ensure speedy, unparalleled development of the region.

Rohit Thakur is representing Congress for the third time. During his first tenure, he initiated several developmental works in Jubbal-Kotkhai region which he intends to take further. He promises to make road conditions better than they were in BJP’s tenure and work in the interest of the apple-growers of the region. On 1 November, 2012 Congress party president, Virbhadra Singh will address a rally in Congress favor to seek people’s support for him.

Rohit Thakur wishes to meet each and every voter of the region. However, if he couldn’t do so for any reasons (vast geographical locale etc.), he seeks public’s blessings. He further appeals voters to go to their respective polling stations on 4th November, 2012 and use their constitutional right to vote. He appeals voters to vote for Congress, which would guarantee their development and progress for sure.

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