Himachal BJP Vice President and Spokeperson, Praveen Sharma launched a personal attack on HPCC president Virbhadra Singh as he alleged that Singh is pioneer in befooling the gullible public of Himachal Pradesh.

In a press statement, Praveen Sharma alleged that Virbhadra Singh is trying to mislead the public by raising doubts regarding the authenticity of income Tax returns. He stated that Singh knows that these returns were available in the case which was being listed in tribunal and perhaps that was the source for the media who printed the contents of these returns.

Praveen Sharma said that Virbhadra Singh is trying to projects himself as an innocent person. Sharma slammed Singh tactic to befool media by rebuttal of all the charges. He said that when media try to know the real facts behind the steep rise in his income, he threaten to break their equipments. Sharma advised Singh to accept the truth. He even gone one step further and demanded a narco test to prove his innocence in the eyes of public Himachal Pradesh. Praveen Sharma believed that the electors of Himachal Pradesh will give a befitting reply to Singh on 4Th November.