Chief Electoral Officer Narinder Chauhan said here today that according to the instructions issued by the Election Commission of India, maximum three vehicles would be allowed to come within the periphery of 100 meters of the office of Returning Officers/ Assistant Returning Officers at the time of filing of nominations and added that the maximum numbers of persons that would be allowed in the Chamber of Returning Officers at the time of filing nomination shall not exceed five, i.e. the candidate plus four other individuals.

Chauhan said that the expenditure on the vehicles that would be coming along with the candidate at the time of filing of nominations shall be taken into account for calculating his expenditure, if he remains in fray. He further said that this decision had been taken to maintain proper law and order and to avoid overcrowding of vehicles at the time of filing of nomination papers.

Chief Electoral Officer said that according to the clarification issued by the Election Commission of India, the account of the election expenses under section 77 would be maintained from the date on which the candidate files his nomination. He further said that expenditure incurred in connection with the election on the day of nomination, irrespective of whether it is incurred before or after filing of nomination has to be included in the account of election expenses.

It is mandatory for all the candidates to file an Affidavit in form 26 as per the amended version issued by Election Commission of India.

Chauhan said that the formats for filing of affidavits regarding criminal backgrounds, assets, liabilities and education qualification of the candidates had been combined into one format in Form-26. He said that the candidates should ensure that they file their affidavits in the revised format (Form 26) only. The District Electoral Officers (DEOs) have also been directed to ensure that all affidavits of candidates be uploaded on the CEO website within 24 hours.