BJP leader Prem Kumar Dhumal said that electors of newly created Shimla Rural Assembly segment will make the wish of seeking retirement from active politics of Virbhadra Singh come true by defeating him in coming elections with huge margin. He inaugurated BJP office at Shoghi, and said this while addressing the BJP workers today. He said that Virbhadra Singh is desperately telling people of his retirement plans and a beginning will be made from Shimla Rural segment where he is likely to contest for State Assembly.

Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal said that BJP Government has checked the commercialization of education prevalent during Congress regime by constituting Private Universities Regulatory Commission and opening vocational universities in the state in private sector. During Congress regime commercialization of education was rampant since admissions to various universities outside the State were made by their agents operating from different towns of the State thereby cheating poor families of huge fees and other expenses.

Every private university opened in the state has fulfilled the prescribed norms of UGC and Regulatory Commission keeps strict vigil over their activities to ensure that no hidden charges are claimed from students. Now students are able to avail high professional education within the State for which they had been spending lakhs of rupees in other states.

Prof. Dhumal said that UPA will be known in the political history of India as the Government of Scams since record scams of over rupees five lakh thousand crores of rupees have taken place under their patronage. Whenever UPA comes to power in the country it brings along corruption, unemployment and price rise. UPA has made life of common man difficult by repeatedly enhancing prices of essential commodities and petroleum products resulting into high price rise. He advised BJP workers to remind people of all such scams of UPA which had not only increased prices but also defamed the country at the international level. BJP workers needed to defeat the nefarious designs of false propaganda of Congress by placing the factual picture before the electors and ensure victory of BJP nominees. BJP has fielded commoner from amongst the people Shri Ishwar Rohal from Shimla Rural segment and asked Congress leaders whether there was any commoner of Shimla grameen area contesting from their side. He appealed to the electors to vote and support BJP nominee Ishwar Rohal with huge margin of votes in coming elections.

Prof. Duhmal also addressed the BJP workers of Shimla urban and Kasumpati constituencies to gear up the party for Mission Repeat and vote for BJP nominees Suresh Bhardwaj from shimla urban and Prem Thakur from Kasumpati constituencies. Virender Kashyap, MP, B.R.Chauhan, former MLA and BJP nominee Ishwar Rohal also addressed workers.