State Congress president Virbhadra Singh accused the BJP of betraying the common people by not fulfilling the poll promises made in 2007. He alleged that the achievements being flashed through advertisement campaigns in the media were on account of the “Centrally sponsored” schemes and were “not a part” of their election manifesto.

Virbhadra Singh ridicule Dhumal’s claim that he was “sarkon walla Mukhya Mantri” and said that in his current tenure BJP led Govt could build only 3,038 km of roads, while the Congress government had built 27,000 km of roads starting from 218 km of roads in 1948, Singh claimed. He alleged that under the Dhumal regime, funds for road construction and maintenance were “diverted” and roads were built without technical sanction.

Singh added that the BJP government did not make any road policy despite the fact that the CAG had underlined its need. Congress president stated that the BJP manifesto promised to pay a special attention to the centrally sponsored schemes and that a special cell will be created for the purpose, but it surrendered funds under these schemes. He further said that the Govt failed to utilise Rs 301 crore over the past three years and the state slipped in the National Education Development Index with its ranking coming down to 17th position in 2009-10 from 3rd in 2006-07.

Former Chief Minister also target Dhumal led Govt over unemployment and stated that the government failed on the employment front as over 44,000 posts were lying vacant in various government departments. He added that in the last five years of BJP rule, development of State has come to standstill and accused to fail to utilise central funded scheme.