After the National Highways Authority of India nod to impose the Green tax on all vehicles bearing non-Himachal numbers, the fund starved Shimla Municipal Corporation decided to start collect tax from September 15.

The contract for collecting the tax has been given to a private company and MC would get revenue of Rs 6 crore annually through it.

Initially, the collection of green tax will be done manually at four places – Tara Devi, Totu, Dhalli and Mehali – as computers of the company which bagged the contract to collect the tax have developed technical snag. The computerised system is expected to start working by middle of next month, the official said.

The green tax will be Rs 100 for two-wheelers, Rs 200 for cars and jeeps, Rs 300 for utility vehicles and Rs 500 for buses and trucks and that will be valid for a week.

After green tax fund starved MC Shimla will get good amount to carry out development activities in the MC region.