The factional feud within the state BJP once again came to the fore when Industries Minister Kishan Kapoor, a staunch loyalist of Shanta Kumar, hit out at detractors within the party who were allegedly targeting the Vivekananda Medical Research Trust (VMRT), headed by Shanta Kumar.

Kishan Kapoor indicating towards IPH Minister Ravinder Ravi said certain senior BJP leaders from Palampur were carrying out a malicious campaign against the VMRT. The VMRT issue was being cropped up just to malign the image of Shanta Kumar at the time of elections.

Kapoor alleged that the leaders who are taking up the issue were themselves facing corruption charges. He added that the person who enjoys patronage of a BJP minister and was facing charges of sexually exploiting students of a nursing college was levelling charges against the VMRT. He threatens to expose him if he does not stop maligning Shanta’s image.