Bahra University

The Himachal Pradesh CPM unit has asked the government to collect and put all the details about the private universities on the web. In a press communiqué, Tikender Singh Panwar, Member State Secretariat and Deputy Mayor of Shimla MC, has asked Govt to gather the details about the general administration and academics of all universities. He alleged that several instances have come to light where the money in these private universities has been spent by anti-social elements. To invest money in these private universities has become a safe heaven for black marketers of the country. The erstwhile notorious minister of Haryana too has invested in one of these universities. These universities have been formed in trust mode whose real intention is to siphon off money collected from the students.

In a large number of universities the seats have not been filled. The ICFAI had to close down its centre. Whereas there are some who still continue running these universities just to ensure that they able to meet the time rider and then may be are able metamorphosis them into some other industry.

The CPM has further asked the government to ensure that the website also contains the details about the students and the faculty members. The faculty in these universities gets changed at such a fast pace that every year there are new faculty members take over. The party has further reiterated that the regulatory commission needs to be further strengthened with more powers to ensure that the violators are taken to task. The party has asked the BJP to ensure that the inverse pyramid of higher education is reversed and this sector is not left to the loot of the vagaries of the private capital.