Himachal geographical condition has a huge potential to generate electricity from hydro power projects and in the last decade we have made great stride in this regards. Big dams are coming up on all its major and minor rivers; even we are also erecting small hydro projects on small rivulets as well. However, now trends of pico projects have also started where electricity is being generated from the release water pressure of hydro dam.

However these are not the only way to generate electricity from water, but we can make it from the water tap as well. As a simple opening of the tap could become an energy generating activity, if the ES Pipe Waterwheel designed by Korean innovator Ryan Jongwoo Choi goes through. The design envisions water taps fitted with tiny hydel power generators. Waterwheels can be attached to any standard water piping, all it requires is that the Waterwheel be screwed into the piping juncture.

Once the setup is complete, each time the tap is opened, it harvests some energy and stores it in removable bulbs placed on top of the pipe. These bulbs can then be removed and used for lighting. The designer sees the concept as particularly useful for third world countries where basic lighting and electricity are deficient or absent, and the small gains provided by the Waterwheel could go a long way.

As inviting as it looks in proposition, we remain skeptical of the concept, and in its ability to provide much energy from the (comparatively) meager water flow that is characteristic of domestic pipes.

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