BJYM claims its Kangra rally to be a successful one but Congress is annoyed over the use of Dharamshala Cricket ground as venue to host it. In a press conference at Shimla, Congress Gen Sec Kuldeep Singh Rathore criticised BJYM president Anurag Thakur, who is also a president of HPCA, for using ground for his party affairs. Rathore said that ground is not his personal property, it belongs to the association and for which the land has be given by the Himachal government, and being the president of HPCA, doesn’t allow him to misuse the property. Rathore sarcastically said that Dharamshala ground has become a picnic spot for BJP and added that its misuse should end now.

Rathore said that Anurag Thakur had mentioned in his address in Kangra that State Govt has generated 33,000 job opportunities in government sector and 70,000 in non-government sector and that is totally lie. Rathore dared Thakur to prove it. He also demanded white paper on it from Anurag Thakur.

Kuldeep Singh Rathore blamed BJP for corruption in the state and said that in the last four years development has come to standstill. He taking a quip at BJP senior leader Shanta Kumar said that Kumar also has double standard on corruption issue. He said that from last few years Shanta Kumar was protesting against the misdeed of Dhumal led Govt and also was vocal about the other senior leaders who had floated their own party and now he has started praising him. He added that it is something beyond imagination.

Rathore declared that Congress is destining to return to the power and public response at its four parivartan rallies is an example of it. He also praised Rahul Gandhi’s gesture for the workers with whom he spent time at Kullu camp and declared that it has rejuvenate party workers and they are all ready to turn BJP’s “Mission Repeat into a Mission Defeat” in the forthcoming assembly election.