Dwarika Residency Hill Resort for a refreshing vacation in the nature’s lap

Shelapani is one of the most beautiful region in Shimla and is a awesome gateway for a nature lover who doesn’t mind travelling into the interiors of Shimla in search of peace and tranquility. Amid the lush green thick forests and cool winds of sublime peace in Shelapani is the Dwarika Residency Hill Resort, which has over years played host to a flocks of both domestic and international tourists, who endlessly spoken wonders about the great hospitality, the ambiance and the natural beauty of the resort and the surroundings.

The Dwarika Residency Hill Resort presents its visitors with an unmatched sense of being amidst the pine trees and the apple orchards overlooking the Pabbar valley. The idea of the residency is simple – to provide a simply relaxing place in the lap of refreshing nature with luxury and historical and cultural surprises. The Hill Resort has complete bed and bath linen, full time housekeeping staff for your service for a clean and helpful environment. If you are in Shimla for a vocation, it’s worth taking time off to trip into the interior to Shelapani’s Dwarika Residency for a peaceful and comfortable stay.

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One thought on “Dwarika Residency Hill Resort for a refreshing vacation in the nature’s lap

  1. Yogi.Khimta

    One of the most exotic home-stays available in Himachal Pradesh where one can rejuvenate his/her soul. The place is amidst the lush apple orchards which not only caters for the leisure traveler but also for those seeking adventure,with a profound amalgamation of culture,traditions and religion….A must visit.

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