State BJP president Satpal Singh Satti has make an open statement for those BJP leaders who have been expelled from the party for indiscipline that they will not be taken back into the party. BJP president said it while addressing the media in Hamirpur.

Satti makes clear that indiscipline will not be tolerate and added

“I am not in favour of taking such leaders back into the party fold. We will not tolerate this as first they damage the party by creating nuisance and then request for an entry into the party.”

However, he shown leniency for those BJP leaders who had won as BJP rebels during the last Assembly elections due to the ‘wrong decision of the party’ and said that there name will definitely be considered for a re-entry into the party. Satpal Singh Satti also urged party workers to work hard for the mission repeat and advised them to take the message of development, which was happened in the state in Dhumal Govt, to the masses.