Himachal politicians seem to be in a mood to compete with the Bihar, UP and Odisha legislatures as MLAs from ruling BJP and opposition exchanged blows during Question Hour in the Vidhan Sabha. This shameful event happened after Chief Minister rejected the resignation of Health Minister Rajeev Bindal.

As soon as the House assembled, the leader of the opposition Vidya Stokes wanted discussion on an adjournment motion given by Congress members and alleged the voice of opposition was being “throttled”. She said Congress party wanted the corruption charges against Health Minister Rajeev Bindal discussed but the opportunity was being denied. As she was making her point, ruling party members tried to interrupt her and Congress members rushed into the well of the House.

Then Congress legislators shouted slogans and the ruling party members also raised counter-slogans. The Speaker then adjourned the House for the day. After that Congress legislators continued raising slogans and soon Randhir Sharma (BJP) and Rakesh Kalia (Congress) exchanged blows and after few minutes Balbir Chwdhary (BJP) and Mukesh Agnihotri (Congress) manhandled each other.

Both party members blamed each other for it and nobody bothered to apologies to the people of Himachal for earning bad name for democracy. Whatever happens tomorrow, both parties can not overturn what happened today in the temple of democracy.