Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal gave a clarion call to the youth to bring about transformation in the universal society through responsive, responsible and democratic government with full accountability for its actions and an equitable economic management, central to which is the fight against corruption. He was inaugurating two-day long 6th International Seminar on ‘Role of Youth in Social Transformation’ organized by World Organisation of Students and Youth (WOSY), here today.

Chief Minister said that in Western developed countries; there was a huge mobilization against the privatisation while European countries had to go for massive European Union bailouts. He said that unemployment was a global problem which was getting compounded by increasing austerity measures by the governments and the message was not lost on the decision makers. He said that the World Economic Forum which met in Davos recently devoted lots of its attention as to how to check capitalism. He said that it had been a common view of all social thinkers that the capitalism needs to become more inclusive and balanced and less prone to recurrent meltdowns. He criticized the system under which corporates were being given bailouts through tax cuts and other concessions without thinking of the welfare of common man and weaker sections of the society. He said that in many of the under developed countries healthcare continued to be an expensive privilege and for much of the toiling world it had simply no access. He said that there was world-wide grouse against tax havens, corruption and nepotistic leaders.
Dhumal cited the example of Africa, where a new nation, South Sudan, was born amidst much atrocities and genocide. He said that birth of South Sudan and continuous deprivations of the common man show how societies rupture when governments and states fail in delivering the goods to its masses. He said that although Africa happened to be a resource rich continent made up of 26 countries, a burgeoning middle class in the continent was attracting world attention. Factually many international relations experts opined that Africa was emerging a new Asia. He added that if Africa’s natural resources and wealth were to benefit the common people, the youth had to understand their historic responsibility. He said that with the globalization and universalization the entire world had turned into a global village and the youth had to come forward to transform the social system world over. He said that youth had vast potential of energy which had to be channelized towards constructive and positive activities so that a strong nation was built.
Chief Minister lauded the theme of the Seminar ‘Role of Youth in Social Transformation’ and said that it was evident that the youth was catalyzing change the world over and Middle East was seeing its moment of catharsis as the youth had taken to the streets demanding freedom and responsible governance. He lauded the contribution of WOSY for organizing youth to demonstrate unity to bring about harmony amongst all sections of the society the world over and for preparing youth to assume leadership roles in thinking about the problems respective countries were facing. He welcomed delegates from about 30 nations participating in the Seminar to Himachal Pradesh and wished them a fruitful Seminar and memorable stay in Shimla.

Dr. Rashmi Singh, Chairperson, WOSY, welcomed the Chief Minister, and detailed the itinerary of the two-day International Seminar which would be focused upon channelization of the energy to transform the society and fight against corruption. Sunil Ambedkar, National Organising Secretary, said that WOSY had adopted the ‘Vasudev Kutumbkam’ (World is a Family) as its theme of training youth to lead the world in different capacities in coming years. Aniket Kale, Secretary General, WOSY, Rohit Sharma, Convenor, State ABVP, Kenneth Kiyaga and Sanjeev Ningombam, International Secretaries also addressed wile Shri Ashmat Muradi, International Secretary proposed vote of thanks. Narender Bragta, Horticulture and Technical Education Minister, Shri Suresh Bhardwaj, MLA, Smt. Veena Thakur, Chairperson, State Social Welfare Board, Ganesh Datt, Vice Chairman, HIMUDA, R.K.Bawa, Chairman, Reception Committee, Umesh Datt, National General Secretary and other office bearers of WOSY were present on the occasion.