Trees are serving as billboard and signboard locations in the capital of the green state. Where you are not even allowed to hammer a nail on the trees in the very much proclaimed environment-friendly city, there not only private billboards, but the official notice boards too stick hammered ruthlessly on the silent green trees.

Hard to buy the advertising quote as it is diverting traffic to save tree, but itself damaging it by nailing it

One board is nailed on the tree near the lower Khalini Chowk, Shimla. HP Traffic Police has hanged its no-entry board there. An even private advertiser has also hanged its advertisement nearby.

In the other image at the green residential area near Vikas Nagar towards Chhota Shimla. Another notice board did not find any other place, but lay hammered into a tree. The rule makers might have gone blindfolded after making rules, leaving the common people to wonder who’ll make them implemented.