Upholding the resolve of the welfare of common man, the State Government has taken various decisions from time to time to facilitate the people. Transparency has been brought in the administration, public services will be provided within specified timeframe without unnecessary delay and procedures have been simplified in order to provide easy access to the consumers.

Historic decisions have been taken to bring in dynamism in the existing revenue practices and the Revenue department has been modernized to suit the requirements of the present day. Revenue records have been computerized to a great extent and the decision to amend the Section 28 of the State Land Revenue Manual to simplify the procedures of issuance of various revenue documents has been made.

Important documents certifying individuals as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, Legal Heir, Bonafide Himachalis and Minorities can be issued by any officer like Deputy Commissioners, Additional Deputy Commissioners, ADM’s which were earlier issued only by Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars. A provision to appeal against any complaint made about the certificate has also been incorporated in the amendment to enlarge the scope of transparency and accuracy in the Manual. These will now be computerized documents and the records will be maintained therein. This shall enable availability of the complete information online besides providing ample scope for its authentication. Now people will be able to obtain the online copies of these certificates from Lok Mitra Kendras also at their doorsteps.

The cumbersome procedure involved in the land mutation process will be done away and transfer of land title will be possible at Tehsil office itself on the basis of prescribed documents. This will not only hasten the process, prevent corruption but also save the time of the people. At present the system of mutation is initiated at the Patwar Circle and the entry in the revenue record concerning the transfer of ownership is made by the Patwaris whereas the mutation is finally effected by the Tehsildar.

The new system based on distance from the roadside has for calculating market value of the land for stamp valuation has been approved by the State Government. The new system will put an end to the previous practice of calculating market value based on classification and the market value being changed every month. As per the new procedure the rates of land will be calculated on the basis of distance from road and the Deputy Commissioners will notify the rates accordingly for each revenue estate. The rates once notified will be applicable for one year from 1st April to 31st March. The new system will be very beneficial to the public because it will save lot of time in visiting the Patwari and will also help in evasion of stamp duty.