Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ramesh Dhawala met Minister of Petroleum, Jai Pal Reddy at New Delhi today and raised the concern of the State regarding reduction in quota of LPG gas and Kerosene oil by the centre. He urged him for enhancing the quota so that the people living in tribal and far flung areas of the State may not face any difficulty in getting LPG gas cylinders and Kerosene oil as per their requirement.

He said that at present the State was getting 3580 Kiloliters of Kerosene oil and 1762 truckloads of LPG per month which was not enough to cater to the demand of the people. He stated that atleast 2123 truckloads of LPG and 5200 Kiloliters of Kerosene oil is required by the State per month. Dhawala also discussed the issue of Levy Sugar with the central Minister and also asked him to enhance the quota of sugar for the State. He said that at present the State was getting 47 thousand quintal of Levy Sugar per month whereas the need was of 52036 quintals of sugar to meet the demand. He also discussed about quota of wheat being provided to the State. He urged that at present there was a need of 22500 MT of wheat, whereas the APL families were receiving 14490 MT. He apprised the Union Minister about the quota of rice being received by the State and said that at present we were receiving 7188 MT rice whereas 16800 MT rice were required per month.