A preliminary figure of Census -2011 shows that Himachal Pradesh population growth declined by 12.81 percent as compared to the previous Census as it were tickling around 17.64 percent. Chief Minister reveals it at State Level World Population Day-2011 function at historic Gaiety Theatre.

Chief Minister hails that Himachal Pradesh health indicators are the best in the country and similarly the population indicators were also the best. He said that in year 1971 total population of the State was 34.6 lakh and population growth rate was 23.04 percent while total population of the country was 55 crore in 1971 having population growth rate of 24.82 percent which at national level had reduced to 17.64 percent and at state level to 12.81 percent. He said that similarly the birth rate was 37.3 percent in 1971 which has come down to 17.2 percent; death rate has come down to 7.2 percent from 15.6 percent. He said that the fertility rate in Himachal was at 1.9 percent while at national level it was 2.62 percent and compared to 940 at national level, State had sex ratio of 974 females against 1000 males. He said that concerted efforts were being made to further improve sex ratio in zero to six years of age which has increased to 906 at present from 894 in 2001. The State was likely to match the National norm of 952 soon. He said that tribal district of Lahaul and Spiti in the state had set an example where female sex ratio was 1017, highest in the country. He said that longevity of life had increased with the availability of best health facilities. He said that with best literacy rate people in the state had adopted small family norm voluntarily thereby setting an example to rest of the country.