Ashadeep and Fortis Hospital Mohali, organises a free medical camp at Ganagughat Panchayat, 60kms away from Shimla. More than 300 patients take part in the camp. Dr.Shabnam Manhas observed that “Around 80 percent of females, here, are suffering from general weakness, loss of appetite and body aches”. She added that no particular reason can be attributed to these phenomena as it is middle age related changes.

A Cardiologist to Dr. Nav Kiran said that “In Himachal generally males suffer from chest congestion and imminent heart problem” and blames rampant smoking habit to be the cause of this problem.

Gynecologist Dr. Sunita made women aware of the importance of personal hygiene as this is one of the major causes of their diseases.

Ashadeep President Sushil Tanwar told us that Fortis Hospital Mohali has provided 10 members strong team to conduct the camp, and E.C.G., blood pressure, sugar test along with gynae check up and free medicines were uses in the camp.

Earlier Dr. S.S. Chandel Prof. and Head of centre for energy and environment NIT Hamirpur inaugurated the camp. He appreciated the efforts of Ashadeep for bringing specialist services to the doorstep of rural masses. Camp coordinator Sumit from Fortis promised to bring more facilities to the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh as a part of discharging corporate social responsibility. Dr. Chandel expressed her gratitude to Ashadeep and Fortis hospital Mohali for conducting free medical camp in this remote area. Jitender Sharma, Jaya Sharma, Shyam Singh Kashive and many local volunteers gave their services to run the camp successfully.