Chief Minister Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal requested the centre to amend the Ancient Monument And Archeological Sites and Remains (Amendment and Validation) (AMASR) Act, 2010 which was being implemented since 30th March, 2010 throughout the country. In a letter written to Union Culture Minister Kumari Selja, Prof. Dhumal has pointed out that as per the provision of the said Act, no construction, re-construction, addition and alteration in structures could be carried out within 100 metres distance of the protected monuments while sanction of competent authority is required for construction, re-construction, addition and alteration in structures in 200 metres distance beyond the prohibited areas. He demanded relaxation in the provisions by restricting the prohibited areas upto 50 metres only and allowing the construction in 100 metres area distance beyond prohibited area with sanction from competent authority.

Chief Minister said that the said provisions are not viable and practical keeping in view the geo-graphical location of the hill State and added that almost all the religious structures which are also protected monuments are set up in the middle of the township. He said that if the provisions of the Act were implemented, then it would create hardship to the local population who are living in the vicinity of such monuments from ages. He pointed out that any construction activity would neither hamper the access to these protected monuments nor it would have adverse impact on the scenic view of the monuments to the general masses. Chief Minister said that all such protected monuments were the centre of faith of religious minded people and the provision would create problems to the local population who would have adverse impact from social and religious point of view