A delegation of National BJP Mahila Morcha who are on a visit to Shimla to study various welfare schemes and programmes being implemented in the state today met Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ramesh Dhawala. Dhawala apprised the delegates that Himachal happened to be the first State in the country where essential commodities were being provided not only Below Poverty Line persons but every ration card holder at subsidized rates. He said that the State is getting quota of levy sugar on the basis of 2001 census whereas the population of the state had grown manifold in this period and added that State should get the supply in accordance with the requirements of the State. He further said that quota of kerosene oil and LPG had also been reduced.

Dhawala said that in Himachal Pradesh, the Public distribution system is the best where the whole process will soon be computerised which will help in further strengthening the system. He said that the State Civil supplies Corporation (SCSC) is also providing essential commodities in tribal areas where private ventures’ presence is negligible. He said that sincere efforts were being made to check black marketing and hoarding. Apart from these regular inspections of depots and godowns were being carried and offenders penalise.

Later the delegation visited the State Civil Supplies Corporation whole sale godown, LPG outlet at Bhattakuffer, and State Civil Supplies Corporation retail shop at Brockhurst, Shimla and State Civil Supplies Corporation medicine shop at IGMC, Shimla. The members of the delegation appreciated the schemes being implemented by the State and added that efforts will be made to introduce it in other states.