Hilly Himachal Pradesh comes wrapped with beauty and people all over love to dress in style. But keeping in mind the terrain, shoes and clothes they wear ought to be comfortable. Heels though look good when worn but are not a practical option. Traditional Punjabi juttis and Patiala salwars have come into prominence in the state, which are not only coated with comfort but also give the feel of the period of royalty when the Maharaja’s and Maharani’s spent extravagantly to look royal. The breathtaking combination has travelled all the way till the hills and has made a permanent residence there as well.

A Patiala salwar as its fondly called is a baggy trouser which is best complemented when worn with a Punjabi Jutti, (an embroided slipper with large pointed upturned toes), this traditional combo manages to turn an equal amount of heads as any other modern piece of clothing, proving that the fascination for Juttis and Salwars has not taken a backseat yet. People in Himachal love to flaunt this pleated garment with a matching Jutti. The contemporary Salwar and specially the Jutti have intoxicated anyone and everyone in its own special way irrespective of age and marital status.

But why is this salwar in vogue in this new modern era? The general trend today is to wear comfortable fashioned clothes with a touch of class and that’s what exactly a salwar does. The elegant manner, in which the trouser falls from the hip to the ankle forming even folds, attracts the attention of onlookers. Also the amount of room it has at the thigh area for comfortness is another reason why people opt for a Patiala salwar. With more fusion clothing available, the look of salwar has changed completely from being very traditional to more contemporary. It definitely is a rage among the female population of Himachal, so much so that it has forced the designers to look into the past for inspiration.

Contrary to this, the Jutti has reached distant lands as well (thanks to the over shore Indian population) and is topping the popularity charts while causing ripples in Himachal. The Punjabi Jutti has evolved with time and rules the heart of chic Himachali’s all over. The utility factor makes it an instant hit as it covers a person’s foot like second skin. The fact that it can be worn by both men and women and even children, drives everyone crazy. The jutti has undergone a lot of changes to suit the taste of buyers. For daily wear, plain juttis sell like hot cakes and for a more formal occasion people prefer buying one’s that are flashy with beads, sitara, dabka, sippi and fulkari work. This is the main reason why juttis have conquered hearts all over. It can sync with almost every outfit available on the earth and can be worn with traditional dresses like suits, churidars, lehangas and even with jeans, skirts and shorts. Moreover, the cushioned sole ads to the comfort level. And what about the price? “Somewhere between Rs. 125 to 100, which any day is cheaper and does not burn a hole in a buyer’s pocket. If you are still confused how to buy the best jutti, go for one with a thick and hard sole.

So, if you still don’t have the killer combo of a salwar and a Jutti in your wardrobe, then go out and grab this export quality product and feel royal by combining them with unique eye-catching options available.

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