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Corruption entrenches in our roots: Rajinder Rana


Corruption have got place in the root of our country and the country is known among corrupt nations while earlier it was known as golden sparrow. To overcome this evil every Indian must stand hand in hand with Anna Hazara. These views are expressed by a social worker as well as ex-chairman State Media Slahkar Smitti Rajinder Rana today here. He added that on the base of honesty, sincerity and devotion towards country small countries have progressed too much leaving us behind. He said that as corruption cases are coming up one after other, our present political personalities are on the pin point of corruption and faith of people has declined on the politicians. He claimed that in order to provide public good and honest rule Srvhitkari Kalyan Manch will stand strongly against every anti-corruption agitation and shall like to put all corrupts behind the bar. He appealed all country persons to come up and uproot the evil of corruption from the country.

Ripu Daman Kapil