After the direct attack from the opposition, PWD and Revenue Minister Gulab Singh Thakur finally target previous government and allege that as many as 2068 non agriculturists were given permission to purchase land during Congress regime from 2003-2007 by giving relaxation in section- 118 of Himachal Pradesh Tendency and Land Reforms Act 1972 which is almost double than given by the BJP Government from 2008 to date. He said that hue and cry raised by Congress leaders was unwarranted and game plan to defame the present Government of the State which had set a record of achievements in the matter of development and public welfare since it took over. He said that this was also their game plan to divert the attention of the people from what was happening in the Congress which was in disarray and where every body want to become Chief Minister.

Public Works Minister said that out of 1297 permission given by the BJP Government, 15 had been given for construction of apartments where as during Congress regime 27 permission had been given for construction of apartments. He said that Congress leaders had also raised noise in Vidhan Sabha Session but they should have verified what actually they had done in their regime. He said that it was the uprightness of Chief Minister, Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal that he had announced setting up of a Committee of the House to find out legality of the essential certificates and irregularities if any from the beginning to 31.3.2011 and further announced if needed judicial inquiry can be held in the matter. Thakur said that during BJP regime 28 permissions had been given for agriculture/horticulture/kitchen gardening, 428 for house construction, 11 for commercial purposes, 601 for industries, 85 for educational institutions, 47 for religious purposes, 50 for hotels, 32 for hydel projects where as during Congress regime permission had been given for 28 persons for undertaking agriculture/horticulture/kitchen gardening, 586 for house construction, 18 for commercial purposes, 1242 for industries, 24 for educational institutions, 59 for religious purposes, 50 for hotels, 31 for hydel projects and 3 for IT/BT activities. He said that from the comparison of BJP and Congress regimes permission it is clear that Congress Government had favored entrepreneurs/industrialists, commercial/ business activities which speaks amply about their favoritism and nepotism. He advised the Congress leaders to think before speak and did not make statements to gain political mileage as people of the State were well aware about their nefarious designs and also know what Congress leaders do when they were in power and what they speak when they were out of power.

He said that it was Congress Government which had made amendments in the section- 118 of Himachal Pradesh Tendency and Land Reforms Act 1972 five times where as BJP had not amended it even single time, what was the need to do it time and again except to favour their favorites by the Congress Government.

Minister said that Congress leaders often make statements that the present Government had sold the land in Solan district but it was Congress Government which had given permission to purchase land to 1090 non Himachali in Solan district by giving relaxation in section-118 of the Act where as BJP Government since it took over had given permission to only 499 persons. In Shimla district Congress had given permission to 143 non-Himachali where as the present government had given to 85 non-Himachali persons out of which 49 had been given for house construction only.

Public Works Minister said that statement of Congress leaders that BJP Government’s days were numbered was also their day dreaming of coming to power which would never materialize. He said that people were fed up with the UPA Government of which Congress was main partner as it had failed totally to control the price rise and a number of scams were coming out day-by-day which had exposed its true face. He said that the present State Government in Himachal Pradesh was trying its best to give relief to the people of the State from the price rise due to the wrong policy of the Centre Government it had given subsidy of Rs. 317 crore to provide subsidized ration to all in the State. This had provided them a succour from the galloping.

Gulab Singh Thakur said that Himachal Pradesh was witnessing speedy and all-round development under the stewardship of Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal, Chief Minister and various awards had given to the State for outstanding performances in various sectors on the bases of national wide survey was testimony of it.

He said that malicious propaganda of the Congress leaders was not going to benefit them as people were satisfy with the functioning and performance of the present State Government. With this open statement it seems that opposition has got more then they have expected, but such allegations are common before the final showdown that is due in winter 2012.