Agriculture scientists claim that only 10% organic farming can save upto Rs 25,000 crore in the country in the terms of fertilisers and pesticides and subsidies. The scientists have coined their opinion at two-day national symposium-cum-brainstorming workshop on organic agriculture at Palampur Agriculture University that is jointly organised by the Organic Agricultural Society of India, Department of Agriculture, HP and the National Centre of Organic Farming. Around 150 scientists, planners and farmers from all over the country are participating at the workshop.

Himachal has vast scope to produce the organic products as temperature and tropical situation is in its favor. It’s hoping that if Himachal progress in right direction, it can be a leader and can set a precedent to others to follow. Director Agriculture Department HP, Dr JC Rana affirms state’s perseverance and said that there are around 24,000 registered organic farmers in Himachal Pradesh and to promote it further the government will organise organic produce festival annually.