Karmapa case is still taking new turns everyday. The initial clean chit drama and barely hour later flip flop from the state government adds juice angle to it, but now it has reached the doorsteps of political rivals in the state. Cabinet Minister Virbhadra Singh has earlier questioned state investigating agencies for the allegations against Karmapa as he said “Who says Karmapa is a Chinese spy? Have the state agencies and police done a thorough probe into this issue, or, have the agencies reached at conclusions? If not, no such impressions should be created through statements in the media. The investigation should have been carried out keeping the case in low profile.” Now BJP Kanga youth wing is asking few questions and charging the Union Minister for interfering in the process of law

BJP said that “When union Cabinet minister SH VIR BHADRA Singh interferes in a process of law. And gave anti national statement then how come we REMAIN SILENT. 3 simple questions to Virbhadra ji
(1) If you are worried about refuges then why you remain silent upon Kashmiri Hindu Refuges
(2) If you really wants the Tibetan new generation to be Indian citizen then why Indian citizen staying out of their state on account of job didn’t got voting right at their home, and,
(3) If RAW, IB, ENFORCEMENT DIRPARTMENT AND HP POLICE is investigating the matter of illegalities committed by some sections of Tibetan’s then who are you to give clean chit.”