Kangra – In a dramatic and tense rescue operation, six tourists were rescued from the rapidly rising waters of Baner Khad on Tuesday morning. The operation, which lasted two hours, was carried out by the fire department following heavy rains in the upper regions of Kangra district.

The incident occurred when the water level in Baner Khad suddenly surged, trapping six people. Among those trapped were five individuals from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and a local youth. The victims were part of a larger group of approximately 150 people who had come to bathe in the khad around 6:15 AM.

The swift response by the local fire department played a crucial role in the rescue. Rana, who was on duty at the nearby fire department office, noticed the water level rising quickly and sprang into action.

“We saw the water level rising rapidly from my room. I ran to the khad and started asking people to come out,” Rana said. Despite his efforts, six individuals who were standing on a stone in the middle of the khad became trapped as the water flow intensified.

The trapped individuals, identified as Sumit Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Ram Jagat, Luv-Kush, and Dharamveer Singh from Bulandshahr and Hapur districts of UP, along with a local youth named Rahul, began shouting for help.

With the help of ropes and life-saving jackets, the rescue team reached the trapped persons. After two hours of intense and risky efforts, all six were brought to safety.

SDM Ishant Jaswal also arrived at the scene to oversee the rescue efforts. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the sudden dangers posed by natural water bodies, especially during the monsoon season. Administrations have advised people to exercise caution and heed warnings to prevent such incidents in the future.