In a bid to ensure the safety and well-being of pilgrims embarking on the revered Churdhar Yatra, authorities have announced stringent measures, making a fitness certificate mandatory for all travellers. The decision comes in the wake of recent incidents highlighting health concerns and pilgrims losing their way during the arduous journey.

Previously, pilgrims would commence their spiritual voyage towards Churdhar via Nauhradhar without any prerequisites. However, the administration, alarmed by the growing number of mishaps, has now mandated registration at the Nauhradhar police post before the journey.

The Churdhar Yatra, spanning approximately 15 kilometers through rugged terrain, demands physical endurance and navigation skills, often testing even seasoned trekkers. With dense forests posing navigation challenges and incidents of travelers losing their way, the need for precautionary measures has become imperative.

Under the new regulations, pilgrims must undergo a health check-up and obtain a fitness certificate from the Health Department at least 48 hours before the scheduled journey. Only individuals with valid certificates will be permitted to register at the Nauhradhar police post and proceed with the pilgrimage.

Tehsildar Ravish Chandel of Nauhradhar has spearheaded the implementation of these regulations, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the safety of pilgrims. The advisory issued by the Tehsildar’s office explicitly states that registration will be exclusively for those possessing valid health certificates.

Furthermore, local organizations, including the Chudeshwar Seva Samiti Nauhradhar, trekking institutes, and hospitality businesses, have been asked to collaborate in monitoring pilgrim movements. Their vigilance is crucial in preventing unauthorized individuals from undertaking the journey without requisite medical clearance and registration.

The administration’s proactive approach aims to mitigate risks associated with the Churdhar Yatra, safeguarding the well-being of devotees and facilitating a safe and enriching pilgrimage experience. As pilgrims prepare for their spiritual odyssey, adherence to these new regulations will undoubtedly enhance safety standards and ensure a memorable journey to the sacred heights of Churdhar.