In a startling revelation, a government contractor in Himachal Pradesh has been granted a staggering 66 contracts from various departments, raising eyebrows as not a single project has been completed. The case took a twist when the contractor approached the High Court after the department re-invited tenders for some of the unfinished projects. Now, the High Court has stepped in, determined to address this puzzling situation and hold the contractor accountable for their lack of progress.

During the court hearing, the Division Bench, consisting of Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan and Justice Satyen Vaidya, was left astounded upon discovering the extent of the contractor’s inaction. The majority of the awarded works were either untouched or left in an incomplete state, leaving the court deeply concerned about the contractor’s performance.

Taking immediate action, the Court has issued a firm directive to the petitioner, Sanjeev Kumar Bhandari, demanding a comprehensive affidavit outlining a clear and specific timeline for completing all pending works. Additionally, the Court has emphatically stated that no payments shall be released to the petitioner/contractor by any State Government department, Board, or Corporation without explicit permission from the Court.

Recognizing the negligence on the part of the responsible officials, the Court has directed the Principal Secretary of HPPWD to initiate appropriate actions against them. Despite the contractor’s previous defaults in commencing or halting ongoing projects, fresh contracts continued to be awarded, a matter that raises serious concerns about accountability within the system.

The Court has ordered to present a status report on July 13, 2023. The High Court’s intervention and strict measures aim to ensure accountability and timely completion of projects, safeguarding the interests of the state and its residents. The Court’s intervention sends a resolute message to contractors and officials alike, emphasizing the importance of fulfilling contractual obligations and maintaining the highest standards of integrity in government projects.