In a significant decision, the Himachal Pradesh Cabinet has approved an amendment to Rule-16 of the H.P. Town and Country Planning Rules, 2014, allowing for the conversion of attic floors into habitable spaces. This move aims to provide homeowners with the opportunity to utilize the attic areas of their properties effectively.

The amendment will enable residents to transform their attic spaces into functional living areas, thereby expanding the available living space in houses. This decision will not only benefit homeowners but also contribute to the overall development and optimal utilization of housing infrastructure in the state.

In another notable development, the Cabinet granted its sanction for the implementation of a project focused on Revenue Enhancement and Capacity Augmentation in Himachal Pradesh. This project will empower the State Taxes and Excise Department to access real-time data on GST defaulters. By leveraging special data preparation tools, the department will be able to take swift action against defaulters, ultimately leading to increased revenue for the state exchequer.

To provide relief to defaulters of Passengers and Goods Tax (PGT), the Cabinet also approved a one-time waiver of penalties and interest on Goods Tax until June 30, 2023. The state government aims to recover the principal amount of PGT from Goods Carriers in Himachal Pradesh to implement the Special Road Tax as a substitute for PGT.

Furthermore, the Cabinet has given its approval for the Draft Development Plan of the Hatkoti Special Area in the Shimla district and the Draft Development Plan of the Mehatpur Planning Area in the Una district.