Shimla: The Himachal Pradesh government has proposed the construction of a tunnel under Khadapathar on NH-705 in the Shimla district to improve connectivity in the region. The proposal, which is estimated to cost around Rs 250 crore, has been sent to the central government for approval.

The tunnel, which is expected to be 2840 meters long, will have approach roads of 563.436 meters and 969.659 meters from the western and eastern ends, respectively. Its total length, including the approach roads, will be 4373.095 meters. In addition, a rescue tunnel measuring 3095 meters will also be constructed.

According to Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh, the construction of the tunnel is necessary as heavy snowfall in upper Himachal during winter often hampers road connectivity. People travelling to Jubbal-Rohru, Dodra-Kwar, and Uttarakhand face difficulties and inconvenience during heavy snowfall near Khadapathar on Theog-Kotkhai-Hatkoti NH.

Singh added that the tunnel’s construction will reduce the travel distance from Shimla to Rohru by 10 to 12 kilometres, resulting in lower transportation costs. It will also boost tourism in the region. Additionally, the tunnel’s construction will reduce transportation costs for apple products from the Upper Shimla region, which is renowned for its apple production.

The proposal, once approved, will be a significant step in improving connectivity and promoting tourism in Himachal Pradesh.