After being battered by heavy snowfall, the Koksar Panchayat area now faces a new threat as avalanches continue to pose a danger, cascading down from the mountains and drains. On Thursday night, another avalanche occurred in Fumad Nala, located just four kilometers from the North Portal of Atal Tunnel Rohtang, cutting off Koksar’s contact with the district headquarters and Manali for the entire day.

Heavy snowfall has had a far-reaching impact, with Jakshang Nala and Baratha Nala witnessing disruption in Chandra River water flow, and the Koksar-Granphu road blocked by an avalanche from the hill of Sundarucha Ganka.

Deputy Commissioner Sumit Khimta has issued a stern warning, urging tourists and the general public to avoid travel due to the heightened risk of avalanches from high-altitude areas. He has instructed visitors staying in homestays and hotels to remain indoors until the situation stabilizes, prioritizing safety amidst the ongoing crisis in Koksar Panchayat.

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