Good News! Railrestro has now extended its remarkable food delivery on trains to the “Land of God”, i.e., Himachal Pradesh. Passengers travelling via train can order hygienic and fresh food at major stations across the country, including Shimla, Palampur Himachal and Jwalamukhi Road stations. You can relish the divine flavours of Himachal cuisine on the scenic train ride provided to your seat.

RailRestro has made it easy to enjoy a wide range of delicious and divine cuisines while travelling through Himachal’s beautiful landscape. With its premium e-catering service, it is ready to create beautiful feasting stories and new flavours to train trips in the “Land of God”.

RailRestro is a leading IRCTC authorised partner that assists your journey with good food and great taste. This E-catering service provider connects travellers with various top-notch restaurants across the country to satisfy their hunger with flavorful and hygienic food served hot at their seats. Getting your favourite meal on the train is now an exciting event, whether travelling to Delhi, Howrah, Kanyakumari or Himachal Pradesh. RailRestro E-catering service is spreading across the country to every hook and corner, promising a wonderful train experience with food. 

You can conveniently savour the authentic flavour of Himachal cuisines without leaving the comfort of your train berth with the RailRestro app. It provides a diverse food selection in different parts of the country, from authentic Himachal Pradesh delicacies such as Thukpa, Madra, and Dham to South Indian favourites such as Idli-Sambar, Masala Dosa, and Sambar Vada. 

The ordering process is made so simple that travellers can relish food without the hassle. More than 2000 FSSAI-approved restaurant partners operate at 450+ stations around India, surprising travellers with a wide spectrum of meals, best quality and excellent service.

RailRestro to Serve Flavoursome Food on Train in Himachal Pradesh

As it is lovingly called Himachal Pradesh, The Land of God is one of India’s busiest and most encouraging tourism destinations. The heavenly land offers everything to soothe your soul. The abode of Himachal Pradesh has a high inflow of domestic and international tourists year-round. So the railways are always busy taking the passengers to their destinations. The train journey to this dream destination offers a cherishing experience. Getting quality, fresh, and delicious food on the train seemed nearly impossible. But RailRestro has completely changed this situation. 

RailRestro app makes the train travel to Himachal Pradesh better by providing the best meal through its trusted E-catering services. It is now deepening its reach and scaling up its services in Himachal Pradesh. However, RailRestro has been serving food across PAN India and is committed to maintaining high standard service through better reach. Besides food, you can check PNR status of your ticket on RailMitra. It is the best app to spot your train and get updated information about Indian Railways.

Train rides in Himachal Pradesh will become more attractive and delightful with the best food onboard.

With his spouse Suman Priya, Mr Manish Chandra co-founded RailRestro to change the story of food delivery service in Indian Railways. It provides passengers with sanitised and freshly made food delivery in train. Since its entrance into the Indian Railways, RailRestro has been carving great food stories on trains for every passenger. Keeping this in mind, RailRestro is now planning to expand its services and reach the Land of God, Himachal Pradesh. 

“RailRestro envisions offering the best food beyond the barriers. It functions PAN India by associating with several restaurants along the extensive routes of Indian railways trains. These vendors ensure a timely supply of delectable cuisine, served fresh and hot at your train seat. It is driving a great spike in popularity because of our outstanding e-catering service, and we already have 80 lakh satisfied consumers. And, now we are broadening the superlative service of food delivery on Train in the Himachal Pradesh.” Manish Chandra, CEO, RailRestro

There are many important stations in Himachal Pradesh like Palampur Himachal, Shimla, Jwalamukhi Road etc. They are always demanding and busy with bustling travellers moving in and out. Serving great food on time is always a challenge in these stations. But RailRestro is pulling this impossible feat with utmost diligence and dedication. The complete and detailed efforts from the RailRestro team help offer a top-notch train food delivery service. Manish Chandra and his team at RailRestro plan to provide a wonderful meal on the wheel throughout Himachal Pradesh with the same spirit.

Top-quality food, uncompromised taste, best food packaging, contactless delivery and Payments, hygiene & food safety practices, timely delivery and extensive reach have contributed to RailRestro’s continued growth and proliferation of services. This congenial food delivery in train service will now be available in the most beautiful state of India called Himachal Pradesh and its Railway travellers. 

Every state has its twist and authentic taste in food. Himachal Pradesh also possesses some traditional and special dishes. RailRestro lies in holding and promoting these special features specific to that state onboard. All the best, famous and special foods of Himachal Pradesh can now be ordered online while travelling in trains at the comfort of the seat. 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an uptight emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene, and other safety precautions. So why eat unhealthy foods or meals when RailRestro offers you to eat on the go?

It also supplies meals for those with unique food needs, such as Jain cuisine, pure vegetarian food, and Navratri Thali.

You can taste the heavenly flavour on your next trip to the picturesque Shimla, Palampur Himachal or Jwalamukhi (Jawalaji) with RailRestro App, RailRestro website or by calling 8102202203.

Order Food in Train at Shimla, Palampur Himachal and Jwalamukhi Railway Station

Every Indian Railways passenger can access premium services at the above stations in Himachal Pradesh. 

  • Go to the RailRestro website or get the RailRestro app – To get started, go to or install the RailRestro App from Google Play or Apple Store.
  • Enter the PNR (Passenger Name Record) or the Train Name – ‘Order via PNR’ or ‘Order via Train Name/Number’. 
  • Select a Boarding Station- Select the boarding station where you’d like our food delivered. Make sure to place your food order at least one hour before the train’s departure time and avoid the last-minute rush at the station.
  • Select a Dish From the Menu – You’ll see a list of eateries that will bring meals to the station and their menus. You can browse each restaurant’s menu and select a specific restaurant to add one or more items from its menu to your shopping cart.
  • Enter the Coupon Code and Go to the Payment Page – You will see various promo codes that you may use to save money on your order. Apply the promo code and pay with your preferred payment methods, such as online banking, mobile wallets, or Cash on Delivery.
  • The Food shall be delivered directly to your train seat – Now, you can sit back and relax while your food is prepared and delivered to your railway seat.

If you are touring in a group, you won’t have to carry any extra baggage of food. RailRestro makes it easy and exciting to buy bulk food and get it to your train seat, regardless of how many people are in your group. This complements the enjoyment and exhilaration of your travel by assuring that each member of the group has the option to eat the meal of their choice in a tension-free and satisfying manner. 

So, passengers travelling in and around or through Himachal Pradesh can now happily place online food orders on the train. RailRestro has taken responsibility for providing the best foods and special local delicacies to the passengers commuting through Indian Railways. 

The train journey to the Land of God is now flavourful, pleasing and satiating with the RailRestro app. It promises a delightful gastronomic experience!

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